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Motor Skills Mobility

The Youth Motors Skills Mobility class at AJJ is for ages 3-5, and is the perfect start in developing a child’s movement, balance and coordination in a fun and active environment!!  

  • Versatile Motor Skills -> Optimal Learning 
  • Fundamental Motor Skills lead to Sport-Specific Skills
  • Versatile Movement Experiences -> Adaptability
  • No Contracts
  • Highly Experienced Instructors
  • Safe / Fun Environment

Motor Skills Development with Ms. Mary

Young children are allrounders, not specialists, they are curious about the diversity life has to offer and need a broad base of movement experiences. They want to have fun more than anything else. Children at age 3-4 (5) rarely are interested, let alone able to focus to play & train soccer for an hour but rather enjoy a multitude of activities. Too much information at once can impair motor learning! 

This motor skills development class is a perfect pre-cursor to other activities such as Jiu Jitsu!! 

Versatile Motor Skills -> Optimal Learning

Versatile motor skills lead to optimal learning. The more frequent movements are practiced in different variations in different environments, the greater the learning success. 

Developing a very broad & versatile base of motor skills at a young age is critical for optimal learning. No sport is an isolated skill, Jiu Jitsu is not just rolling on the ground, it’s balance, orientation, critical thinking, reaction…

Fundamental Motor Skills leads to Sport-Specific Skills​

Fundamental motor skills are the basis to be able to acquire sport-specific skills, they are the foundation for all sports. Developing fundamental motor skills will enable children an optimal entry into various sports, building the foundation to enjoy physical activity as a lifelong pursuit. ​

Versatile Movement Experiences -> Adaptability​

Versatile movement experiences at a young age allow children to solve a problem faster, not only in sports but into many aspects of life. We want them to become problem solvers and not robots. A broad base of versatile motor skills will allow them to do so. Children become problem solvers and are in a constant learning and adaptation mode. ​

It’s time to have fun and “Get Moving with Ms. Mary”!

No obligations or fee(s) to come in and meet us, see the academy and have your child try out the class!  
Just fill out the information below and we’ll get you scheduled.. all you need to do is show up!!!  

Ms. Mary

Ms. Mary (Mary Horihan) has been teaching preschool children for 26 years.  She taught 4/5 year olds for 25 of those years in the classroom getting them ready for Kindergarten

In 2022, Ms. Mary spearheaded the new Motor Skills Mobility program at Virginia Academy Preschool where she is now helping children develop their motor skills so that they can excel and have the optimal potential to successfully participate in any sport – all while having the most fun and continuing to develop their brains

We hope you are excited to get Moving with Ms. Mary! 

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